Frequently Asked Questions


How many SmartMirrors do I need?

We recommend having at least two SmartMirrors in your dental office, so you can clean Heads between appointments and charge Streamers.

Can I buy more SmartMirror Heads to circulate between patients?

In the near future you’ll be able to buy additional SmartMirror Heads for $350 USD. The number of recommended Heads will depend on how often you autoclave.

What does it mean that the LEDs are "true color"?

The way we see the world is a reflection of light. When creating a crown or inlay, we want to show the light as real as possible to allow the most accurate shade and color matching. Our LEDs are 5000K and over 93 CRI (Color Rendering Index), which means they imitate daylight and show the true color of your teeth.

Why do I need a "smart" dental mirror?

Imagine using a smartphone for the first time after years of using a rotary phone. A regular dental mirror allows you to see inside the mouth, but it doesn't illuminate, record video, photograph, or share the experience with others.
Not only is SmartMirror the highest-quality mirror on the market. It combines powerful true color LEDs and a self-adjusting camera so you can digitize whatever you see. It becomes an extension of your iPhone or iPad and naturally integrates into your workflow.
Since it combines a mirror, lights, and camera, you'll be able to sit up and explore freely, reducing neck and back pain. By magnifying everything on a larger screen, you'll include your patients and dental assistants in the treatment, creating a more transparent and friendly environment for everyone.

How does SmartMirror work?

SmartMirror pairs with the SmartMirror app so you can live stream on your iPad and magnify your workspace. See how SmartMirror works here, or watch this how-to video.

How can SmartMirror help me perform new patient exams?

Since SmartMirror is an extension of your iPad, you can show patients what you see during the examination. By sharing the experience with your patients, you create trust and educate authentically. Using smart technology also provides credibility and separates you from other dental offices.


Do I have to have a smart device in order for my SmartMirror to work?

Yes and No. SmartMirror is first of all a great dental mirror made of scratch resistant sapphire glass. In order for the mirror to become “smart”, it needs to connect to the app on your smart device. It is currently compatible with iPad and iPhone, but we are working on an Android app.

Do you support Android devices?

We are currently only supporting iPad and iPhone, but we are working on an app for Android devices.

What iOS version is supported?

iOS 13 and above.

How do I set up my iPad/iPhone?


How do I record a Video?

Cooming soon

How to I take an Image

Coming soon

Where can I see the photos I took?

In the SmartMirror Images album in Photos.

Where can I see the videos I took?

In the SmartMirror Videos album in Photos

Can I share images and videos?

Yes. Like any other media on your iPad or iPhone, you can email, message, WhatsApp, AirDrop and more.



Can I view the live video stream on more than one device?

Coming soon

SmartMirror Edge

Care & Maintenance

Can I autoclave SmartMirror?

We're proud to say SmartMirror is one of the first electronic devices that can handle sterilization. Our pioneering technology can cope with challenging conditions like pressure, humidity, and temperature. We wanted SmartMirror to become a natural part of your dental practice, so we made autoclave sterilization a priority.

Is there a care plan?

Yes. If you drop it, break it, scratch it, send your SmartMirror to us, and we'll fix it for just $100. We want SmartMirror to be the only mirror you use in your practice. See all details in our care plan.

What do I do if my SmartMirror breaks?

First, know that SmartMirror is scratch-resistant and is not a delicate technology. However, if you do break it, have no fear. We'll fix it for $100 even if it's not covered in the warranty. See all details in our care plan.

What is the battery life of SmartMirror?

The average battery life is 60 minutes, depending on LED usage. We recommend having at least two mirrors so you can easily clean and recharge between patients.