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Get More Out of Your Mirror

With patient record editing, software integration, voice activation, seamless paring, and access from any device, the SmartMirror Edge offers a comprehensive office solution. 

Maintain peace of mind with cloud backup and synchronization, including remote monitoring, maintenance and updates. 

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SmartMirror Edge NUC
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Streamline Documentation

Work efficiently by recording findings and treatments as you work. Intuitive voice commands make managing patient records a breeze.

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Voice Activation

The Miri language makes it easy to document treatments while working.

Voice Commands

"Miri Photo"

The mirror will take a photo, associate it with the relevant tooth and save it in the patient's file.


"Miri Note"

Detailed information relevant to the course of treatment will be transcribed and kept as a record in the patient's file.


"Miri Plan"

Creates treatment plans while examining the patient and documenting the findings.

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"Miri Video"


Videos are saved in the SmartMirror system and kept as a record in the patient's file.

"Miri Exist"


While examining the mouth, the doctor dictates the findings which are then saved in the patient's chart. 

"Miri Complete"


Mark the treatment as completed and add visual documentation of the work performed.

Office Management Software Integration

SmartMirror easily integrates with office management software, providing a streamlined recording of treatment plans, execution and charting, all saved directly to the patient’s file.


Deep Seamless Integration


Comprehensive Documentation

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SmartMirror has been my best ROI acquisition in a long time.

“SmartMirror is one of those brilliant inventions that is worth its weight in Gold. Once you master handling it, you will wonder how you ever practiced dentistry without it."

Dr. Behram Dalal, DDS

Twinbrook Dental, Rockville, MD

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Data Backup

Securely backup your records to the SmartMirror cloud. Access them anytime, anywhere.

Data Sharing

Easily send images and videos with a push of a button. 

Communication Has Never Been Simpler

SmartMirror provides a more transparent and effective way to interact with patients, staff and colleagues. 


Connect. Explore. Capture. Share.

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