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Shaping the Future of Dentistry

We founded SmartMirror with a great curiosity and a simple vision: make dentistry more accessible for everyone.

Dentists need an easier way to explore the dark oral cave. Today, they rely on their dental mirror for every appointment, often craning their necks or twisting their backs to see clearly. Even then, the oral cave is still dark and hard to explore. Inventor Dan Harkabi, whose wife is a dentist, and Gidi Elazar, his long-time business partner and fellow inventor, wondered, is there a better way?


We developed SmartMirror to make dental exploration easier for dentists, hygienists and patients alike.

SmartMirror, with its ultra-bright mirror and self-adjusting camera, wirelessly connects to any iPad or iPhone. The result? Dentists can now, finally, sit upright and explore freely.

At the same time, SmartMirror helps dentists build trust. With real time video streamed to a shared screen, dentists can educate their patients about oral care and let them explore their own mouth. SmartMirror makes going to the dentist fun, educational and accessible for all. 

We're committed to making dentistry accessible for every person around the world.

From a small town in Bhutan to the tech hub in San Francisco, the better people feel about going to the dentist, the more often they'll go, and the earlier they'll detect problems—before pain, and when treatment is often less invasive.  


It's simple. SmartMirror is smart oral care.

Innovation with a Global Reach

Founded in 2016, SmartMirror is a glocal company with international headquarters in Chicago and a robust R&D center in Israel. Our strong R&D team and innovative spirit have helped us secure a substantial IP portfolio with over 20 patents granted and an international patent strategy. As we pioneer SmartMirror, we look forward to helping shape the future of dentistry.


Are You Ready to Transform Dental Care?

It's worry free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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