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Replace your old dental mirror with SmartMirror, an all-in-one dental mirror, powerful true color light, and camera with real-time video.

SmartMirror transforms the dental experience - improving care, promoting communication, building trust.

smart mirror dental

Changing the Face of Dental Care

The dental mirror is the single-most important tool for dentists and hygienists alike, but it hasn’t changed in form or function for more than 100 years!

SmartMirror looks, feels, and acts like a traditional dental mirror, but it features pioneering technology to meet the needs of today’s dentists and patients.

Experience the SmartMirror Difference

Real-Time Video


Capture what the mirror sees in real time on a connected mobile device and see teeth closer and bigger.

True Color Light


Work with clarity using our innovative fog- and scratch-resistant sapphire mirror featuring integrated true color light LEDs with adjustable intensity.


Simple and Intuitive

With an iPad and iPhone apps, SmartMirror features intuitive, easy-to-use, plug-and-play technology.

Best Dental Mirror

Patient Trust and Education


Ease anxiety, gain trust, and prioritize dental education by letting patients see what’s happening as it happens.

Safer Work Environment

health safety

Easy to clean and disinfect with autoclave or Cidex OPA, our smart dental mirror helps dentists and hygienists work more safely—and it’s faceshield friendly.

Save Time with Teledentistry


Easily send images and videos for follow-up—or share your screen for remote exams.

01 — Lights

Benefit from Powerful Lighting

See the true colors of your work, no matter what kind of lighting your office has!


Integrated LEDs


Adjustable intensity


True color light

smart mirror dental with light
dental smart mirror with camera and video

02 — Camera

Deliver Interactive Care with Real-Time Video

Get a closer look during a patient exam with the ability to see 3 mm away from a patient’s teeth. You and your patient can see what’s happening as it happens.


HD intraoral camera

play button

Stream to any device


Voice recording

03 — Mirror

Get a Crystal Clear View

SmartMirror is designed to preserve the familiar, intuitive experience of your old dental mirror, but does so much more. We’ve used the highest quality materials to create a mirror that sets a new standard.


Ultra bright sapphire

scratch resistance

Scratch Resistant



scratch resistant, fogless dental smart mirror
smart mirror dental

Put Health and Safety First

Work with greater agility, safety, and peace of mind. SmartMirror is easy to clean and can be put in your autoclave or submerged in Cidex OPA. 

Why Do Dentists Love SmartMirror?

Dr. Ron Kaminer, DDS, Smiles By Design, Hewlett, NY

"This breakthrough technology is a game changer."

"SmartMirror allows for unparalleled visualization of the entire mouth. This breakthrough technology is a game-changer in anyone’s practice and a must use for any new patient exam!"

Dr. Ron Kaminer, DDS

Smiles By Design, Hewlett, NY

Cellerant Best of Class Technology Award 2020
Midway Dental
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Intel Market Ready
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Are You Ready to Transform Dental Care?

It's worry free with our 30-day money-back guarantee.

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