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SmartMirror Bundle

SmartMirror Bundle


Includes: 2 SmartMirrors + 2 SmartMirror Heads




See bigger and brighter. Position SmartMirror as close as 3mm from the tooth surface. The HD camera live-streams to an iPad or iPhone. Capture photos or short videos to save or share with your referring doctors and patients.


The ultimate patient education tool! Allows for real-time communication with patients, all while building trust and increasing case acceptance. 


What's in the Bundle:

  • 4x SmartMirror Head
  • 2x SmartMirror Streamer 
  • 4x Sterilization Cap 
  • 2x USB-C Female Charging Cable
  • 4x O-ring Lubricant


Note: An iOS smart device (iPad/iPhone) is needed in order to operate SmartMirror. 

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