Buy SmartMirror - Limited Supply!

Buy SmartMirror - Limited Supply!


Ultra-bright, scratch-resistant, fog-free sapphire mirror. Powerful true color LEDs. Self-adjusting camera for perfect orientation. Real-time video. Wireless. Autoclavable. 30-day money-back guarantee!

SmartMirror combines an ultra-bright, scratch-resistant, fog-free sapphire mirror with powerful true color LEDs. Capture stills and live stream video with a built-in self-adjusting camera. Easily pair SmartMirror with the app to explore on an iPad or iPhone. Magnify up to 10x and see 3mm away from a patient’s teeth. Take snapshots, record video, live stream, or adjust the brightness. Save images and mark them up with your iPad or iPhone and send them to your patients or staff as a reference. 


What's in the Box:

  • SmartMirror Head
  • SmartMirror Streamer 
  • Cap for autoclave 
  • USB-C Charger